Goal Reasoning for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles


To further enhance the autonomy of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) Goal Reasoning (GR) is used to dynamically formulate, prioritize, and assign goals. This is key in the execution of long-duration missions typical of an UUV, where the UUV is likely to encounter hazards and opportunities that are too complex to specify a priori. My work here has been to support collaborators who are experts in GR in implementing software on our research vessels, perform basic and applied research to extend GR to continuous and highly complex domains, and to design and execute at-sea experiments using UUVs.

Key Publications

[] M. A. Wilson, J. McMahon, A. Wolek, D. Aha, and B. H. Houston. Goal Reasoning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: Responding to Unexpected Agents. AI Communications , to appear, 2017. [ bib ]